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Vehicle Tracking

The Digimap Tracking System is the only tracking system to use official Government mapping and is specially designed for use in the Channel Islands.
We use local sim cards and mobile provider so there are no on island roaming fees. 

Links Communications are one of the original innovators of GPS tracking.
In the 1990’s Links  joined forces with Digimap who were developing a tracking system for International powerboat racing.
The experience gained from these early pioneering days saw the partnership move from radio based systems to mobile phone GPRS technology, providing accurate position and speed updates every few seconds. These small, lightweight tracking units fit discreetly under the dashboard.  The unit adjusts the number of reports it sends depending on the type of road and turns.  Most other systems simply send a location every few minutes or so, not us, we track the vehicle as it goes around bends thus giving an accurate playback route which is so important in the islands and it's twisty tiny lanes.

So what do you get for your money?
We supply the tracker free
We fit the tracker free
Digimap make your tracker site free
Digimap maintain the site free
Digimap supply the server facility free
We maintain the tracker free
We repair the tracker free
We refit tracker to new vehicle free
All Channel Island data costs are free
No special software to buy it is all viewed online
and all you do is pay the fixed per unit monthly fee
* Free install and fitting doesn't apply to £10/month Lite product

Costs start from £10 a month per unit.  With the Standard £20 per month package also includes the in car unit, the sim, all local data usage, installation, training, support and your own web page to monitor your vehicles in Jersey, Guernsey or Alderney.
More information on the Digimap tracker site click here

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