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Wide Area Systems

For those companies who do business all over the island, our wide area systems supply communications between vehicles, people and the office.

The two way radio network is very nearly island wide. We supply and fit the radios in the vehicles fully programmed and ready to go, and there is no charge for installation on long term contracts. - you just pay us monthly and start using the radios to begin the process of better efficiency and ultimately saving money.

No need for high upfront costs and large capital expenditure, our service comes to you for a small monthly fee. For that we supply the radios, fit the radios, maintain the radios and the radio network including Ofcom and CICRA licensing. 

So with the exception of physcial damage you pay no more than the low monthly charge. Remember to ask your accountant about the financial advantages of long term leasing not forgetting the pressure it takes off your bank balance.